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You are in business to profit and benefit the community you live in like the hundreds of thousands of other businesses throughout the world. Increasing profits can be achieved through any combination of product development or offering, financing, marketing and/or personnel. Yet, finding the time to assess what is best for your business can be challenging. 


City Navigators, is a City of Albuquerque initiative, to provide local businesses the means to shore up their operations, enhance their customer and financial markets, and connect them to the existing resources in their communities. City Navigators want to open doors for our local entrepreneurs and meet them exactly where they are.


We are committed to serving overlooked entrepreneurs that face barriers of culture, language and geography by bringing our tools and resources to our businesses owners at their place of business.  For more information fill out the form and one of our team members will contact you..

Meet Our Team

Annie Sanchez

 Project Manager


Annie oversees the details for our team, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. She brings a diverse background in restaurant and nonprofit management and a passion for supporting the community.



Born in Albuquerque and raised in Santa Fe. After living in 5 other cities and traveling to nearly 20 countries, she returned home in 2012 and lives in Barelas.

Jaime Gloshay


Works with clients to access capital and understand business financials. 


Served as a loan officer for a CDFI and is an Opportunity Finance Network Fellow focused on increasing equity, inclusion, and diversity in the industry.


Jaime's passion is focused on serving underserved populations to increase access and opportunity to help grow the local economy.


Jaime has lived in Albuquerque most of her life and loves the city she wants to raise her children in. 

Michael Jefferson



With over 25 years in Management, Marketing and Sales he has enjoyed a level of success as an entrepreneur in the real estate, retail, entertainment, and network marketing industries. 


An Albuquerque resident for over 14 years Mr. Jefferson’s talents are not exclusive to business but span across social and spiritual manners having a great passion for the area.

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Business Enterprise Center

117 Gold St. SW

Albuquerque, NM 87106


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